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Where will be the next stop of our life's journey? Let these photos lead you to follow our footprints around the world ^.^

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Home / Fellowships / ICCCON of Los Angeles / 2009.11.26 Thanksgiving and B-day of Jennifer & James [13]

We had Katy, James, Jennifer, Calvin, Sunny, Jason and Samuel together at Katy & James' apartment at Arcadia to celebrate 2009 Thanksgiving and the birthdays of Jennifer and James.

Looking back for 2009, we have so many things to thank God for his grace, blessing and daily supply for our life. Especially for such difficult economic recession period, we can have two full-time jobs and allow Katy to work from home. In addition to this, we still have a long list for thanksgiving:

1. Katy finished her master degree in Jan of 2009.
2. We got married before God and parents in Februay 21st of 2009.
3. God's protection in James' April car accident.
4. We got our green cards in June of 2009.
5. James got promotion in November of 2009.
6. For our parents in Taiwan and China for their continuous love and support.
7. ...

Thank God!